The main business activity of Altum Capital is to raise funds from investors and invest these funds in selected financial markets worldwide in accordance with the adopted Investment Policy and Strategy. The company primarily focuses its activities on trading financial instruments, such as stocks, bonds, derivatives, and fund certificates. The company does not invest in the “private equity” market, including direct investments for environmental and social purposes.

The company supports all initiatives related to sustainable development and monitors changes in the ESG field. However, the sole criterion for investment selection in the financial market is profitability and risk level in accordance with the adopted Investment Policy and Strategy. Such investments are not assessed in terms of environmental sustainability criteria, such as energy consumption, renewable resource utilization, resource consumption, water and land use, waste generation, and greenhouse gas emissions. They also do not meet the social sustainability criteria, including impact on inequality, cohesion, and integration, labor relations, investment in human and social capital, and communities in adverse economic situations.

As a result, Altum Capital’s activities are characterized by a minimal impact on the environment and social conditions, and conversely, the impact of the environment on Altum Capital’s financial results is considered negligible. Altum Capital’s activities do not make a significant contribution to achieving environmental objectives and do not cause significant harm to these objectives as per the assumptions in Articles 10-16 of the Taxonomy Regulation.

The company does not plan to change its business profile or make changes to the adopted Investment Policy and Strategy in the near future, so the impact of its investment decisions on local ESG policies and regulations will remain minimal.